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About Us

Nikoria Hula Dancers performing at a recent Hawaii 5-0 Party. Michelle, Gayle, Ann, Nicole, & Amelia

Our Mission:

In the tradition of Katherine Dunham and La Meri, the Nikoria Dancers (formerly the Nicole & Gloria English Dancers of a previous decade) present interpretive works of ethnic dance from around the world, specializing in Oriental, Mid-East, Latin, and Tropical Dance Forms. The Nikoria Dancers are resurrected in honor of the late Gloria English. The Nikoria mission is to educate the public about various ethnic dances from different cultures as a unifying experience.

Founders of Nikoria Dance Productions
Gloria English

Nicole "Nika" English, Director
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Production Managers

Gayle Tilley, Public Relations

Born in Honolulu of Hawaiian descent, Gayle sought out learning Hula as a way of connecting to her roots.

Michelle Kelley, Technical Production

A member of Nikoria, City in Motion and all around irrepressable. She is also the inventor/ choreographer of the world's only Goth Hula (so far as we know, or can imagine) - heavy metaled hula





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